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Case Studies
Before: 3 hotels in salt lake city area, building one new Hotel. Not able to keep track of things, profits not like before when I was running one hotel. Started working on this product to solve my own problems.

After: With HelloGM, we started automating things. Our profits improved, more efficient operations. Achieving NOI around 35%.

"By working on the hotels hands on, I could understand the requirements for data analytics platform and how it can help hoteliers make better business decisions." 

- Dhaval Chokshi, President, SNN Management, July 2019
Dhaval Chokshi

Salt Lake City, Utah 
Before: Manually filing up spread sheets to analyze data. Using excel formulas and macros. Not able to access data in timely manner or remotely. Labor costs mounting without control. Rates management, third party reconciliations all manual and not efficient.

After: With HelloGM, integrated all hotels in single platform. Online timeclock making payroll easier. Labor tracking on finger tips. Improved efficiency and decision making. Savings on third party commissions. Efficiency in rate management. NOI increase around 3%.

"Benefits from HelloGM are much more than what we have invested in this product"

 - Victor Soni, President, Soni Hospitality Management Inc, Sept 2019
Victor Soni
Salt Lake City, Utah
Before: No software. Handling operations for Multiple Properties was difficult when you have to view different reports which are generated from PMS. I was looking for 1 solution to log into 
and view all data.

After: I really like the Manager Flash that i receive in a summary format with table each morning. I am able to quickly glance at my email and see all the important information for the previous nights data out of the PMS system. With hellogm having a standardized format, i can easily look at 1 similar 
table for all properties.

Most Value: Bank Reconcilations. I think with Bank Reconciliations we are able to have peace of mind that the money has reached the bank account without having to do any manual checks.

I would highly recommend HelloGM. It makes life easy especially if you have multiple properties. You are able to spend less time looking at reports and have a quick glance at all properties within one platform. 

"HelloGM streamlines the process for hoteliers who have  multiple properties within their portfolio. Without the solution reporting was time consuming, now we have one platform to handle all financial reporting"

 - Anup Patel, Director of Technology, 281 Lodging Group, July 2020
Anup Patel
Director of Technology and Task Force
Longview, Texas
Take Better Business Decisions 
Using Multi Properties KPIs Dashboard
  • Compare Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) between your hotels
  • ​KPIs from all the hotels with different brands with single login
Digitize Night Audit
  • Hotel Dashboard - Business summary, comparison with last year, forecast, guest sentiments and guest review scores
  • Guest Folio Reconciliations - identify issues with guest folios, adjustments, under sale, day use rooms, no show charges and many more scenarios
  • Automate Night Audit Process - no need to manually enter night audit data to spread sheets
Drive Profitability with P&L Analytics
  • P&L KPIs - Track cost per occupied rooms, cost as % of revenue, for entire chart of accounts. 
  • ​Compare - Compare between your hotels to identify abnormalities
  • ​Works with your Accounting Software
  • ​Works with your Chart of Accounts
Stay on track with Budgeting
  • Budgeting - Enter budget directly into HelloGM.
  • Based on Formulas - Dynamic budgeting based on formulas like $ per occupied rooms, % of room revenue and % of F&B revenue
  • Track Variance - Track variance again budget for each category
Optimize Labor Costs
  • Labor KPIs - labor hours, costs, cost per room sold, cost as % or revenue, overtime hours, MPR for Daily, MTD and YTD. 
  • Budget - track variance with your labor budget
  • Compare - Compare between your hotels
  • Face Recognition Time clock - Face recognition cloud based time clock, access anywhere/anytime, payroll integrations
Get Visibility of Guest Sentiments
  • Guest Sentiments - Identify key issues based on customer feedback analysis from different sites. 
  • Relevant Reviews - Clicking on any word opens up latest reviews from multiple sites for that particular sentiment. 
  • Review Scores - Track review scores from different websites at one place
  • Responses - Check if review responses are provided or not by the staff and see the quality of the review responses 
Reconcile Bank Deposits Using our Bank Integrations
  • Hotel Journal Ledger - Automatically prepares spread sheet for your business, taxes, cash and CC entries
  • Credit Card Reconciliation - Reconciles your credit card and cash deposits with bank account
  • Bank Grade Security - Bank grade security to ensure peace of mind
  • Reconciliations - Daily reconciliations for your revenue with all payment types, and ledgers to identify issues
Increase Revenue
Using Rate Shopping
  • Rate Shopping - Automatic Rate shopping for your competitor rates multiple times a day
  • Occupancy - Compare your rates and occupancy on the same page 
  • ​Alerts - Alerts when competitor rate changes
  • Mobile - Track your rates through mobile with easy to understand mobile app support
Save on Commissions Using Third Party Reconciliations
  • Reconciliations - Identify records for guests not stayed but still charged commissions by third party 
  • ​Expedia, Booking and other third party reconciliations
  • Franchise Bill Reconciliations - Ensure your free nights are credited back in franchise report
"We save around $400-$500 more on reconciliations every month!!" - KK Soni, La Quinta Orem, Utah
Dhaval Chokshi
Co-Founder and CEO
MS in Software Engineering from CSUF
Worked on some of the fortune 500 companies in projects related to data analytics. 

A Hotelier owning and operating hotels and hands on experience with hotel management
Viral Shah
Co-Founder and CTO
Over 16 years of extensive experience with Software Architecture, Software Security & BigData Analytics

Experience of architecting solutions for different organizations including large scale healthcare organization in Utah, Security transactions system for leading European bank and Knowledge repositories for leading management consulting firm in New York. 

Questions and Concerns
What is HelloGM? 
HelloGM is a Data Analytics and automation Platform for hoteliers. With HelloGM, our end goal is to increase your profitability. Hotel profitability is impacted by 3 key items - 1. Revenue 2. Brand reputation and 3. Expenses. HelloGM is a single analytics platform to track all your multiple hotels' revenue, brand reputation (guest review sentiments) and expenses (P&L, Labor Analytics) at one place. 
How exactly?
When you have all your data at one place, you can easily co-relate the data and take decisions to improve on performance. You can also compare between hotels and industry benchmark to see where you need to improve. By regular reviews of different business functions and keep improving performance, you achieve higher profitability.
What distinguishes you from everyone else? 
We are data analytics firm dedicated to hospitality industry. We bring BIG data analytics capabilities to small businesses and specifically for hoteliers. We are not an accounting firm. You can have your own accounting and still use our product.
Who are you guys, anyway?
We are hoteliers, software engineers, big data analytics and data science specialists
What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims? 
We are promising operations efficiency using data science. We have hoteliers and hotel management companies using it to improve Net Operating Income.
How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for? 
This solution is specifically for hoteliers and hospitality industry. HelloGM is used by Hotel Owners, GMs/AGMs as well as VP/CEOs of Hospitality Management companies to review performance of business functions and optimize. If you own or operate hotel, this software is for you. 
What happens if I wait?
You will probably make your own manual processes, go through trials and errors and life goes on. If you want to focus on growth, expedite things, we are here to help.
What are typical contract terms? 
There is no long term contract. If you don't like it, cancel it. This is monthly subscription service only.
What type of support do you offer? 
Where did you get the idea to offer this solution? 
We are hoteliers and we started solving our own problems through data science and want to extend the technologies and benefits to other hoteliers.
What results will I actually get from this? 
We will make it easier for you to review KPIs, make decisions that will lead to significant profits and improvements in your operational efficiency.
Is there any manual data entries needed?
No manual data entries needed.
Can I identify if there is a water leak?
Yes, in fact, data science is very powerful and just by analyzing KPIs, one can identify such issues if they are big enough to have impact on your bill. A simple example, if you have two hotels in same city - hotel A sold 2400 rooms in month and hotel B sold 1500 rooms in that same month. If hotel B has double the water bill of hotel A then that indicates a problem at hotel B.
What Accounting software do you support for P&L Analytics?
Currently, we do support Quickbooks online and Quickbooks desktop. We will be adding support for other accounting software in coming months.
What is your company's mission?
Our mission is to empower hoteliers with data science and automation.
What is your company's vision?
Become a de facto data analytics platform for small businesses.

SNN Analytics LLC
South Jordan, Utah



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