Take Better Business Decisions 
Using Multi Properties KPIs Dashboard
  • Compare Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) between your hotels
  • ​KPIs from all the hotels with different brands with single login
Digitize Night Audit
  • Hotel Dashboard - Business summary, comparison with last year, forecast, guest sentiments and guest review scores
  • Guest Folio Reconciliations - identify issues with guest folios, adjustments, under sale, day use rooms, no show charges and many more scenarios
  • Automate Night Audit Process - no need to manually enter night audit data to spread sheets
Drive Profitability with P&L Analytics
  • P&L KPIs - Track cost per occupied rooms, cost as % of revenue, for entire chart of accounts. 
  • ​Compare - Compare between your hotels to identify abnormalities
  • ​Works with your Accounting Software
  • ​Works with your Chart of Accounts
Stay on track with Budgeting
  • Budgeting - Enter budget directly into HelloGM.
  • Based on Formulas - Dynamic budgeting based on formulas like $ per occupied rooms, % of room revenue and % of F&B revenue
  • Track Variance - Track variance again budget for each category
Optimize Labor Costs
  • Labor KPIs - labor hours, costs, cost per room sold, cost as % or revenue, overtime hours, MPR for Daily, MTD and YTD. 
  • Budget - track variance with your labor budget
  • Compare - Compare between your hotels
  • Face Recognition Time clock - Face recognition cloud based time clock, access anywhere/anytime, payroll integrations
Get Visibility of Guest Sentiments
  • Guest Sentiments - Identify key issues based on customer feedback analysis from different sites. 
  • Relevant Reviews - Clicking on any word opens up latest reviews from multiple sites for that particular sentiment. 
  • Review Scores - Track review scores from different websites at one place
  • Responses - Check if review responses are provided or not by the staff and see the quality of the review responses 
Reconcile Bank Deposits Using our Bank Integrations
  • Hotel Journal Ledger - Automatically prepares spread sheet for your business, taxes, cash and CC entries
  • Credit Card Reconciliation - Reconciles your credit card and cash deposits with bank account
  • Bank Grade Security - Bank grade security to ensure peace of mind
  • Reconciliations - Daily reconciliations for your revenue with all payment types, and ledgers to identify issues
Increase Revenue
Using Rate Shopping
  • Rate Shopping - Automatic Rate shopping for your competitor rates multiple times a day
  • Occupancy - Compare your rates and occupancy on the same page 
  • ​Alerts - Alerts when competitor rate changes
  • Mobile - Track your rates through mobile with easy to understand mobile app support
Save on Commissions Using Third Party Reconciliations
  • Reconciliations - Identify records for guests not stayed but still charged commissions by third party 
  • ​Expedia, Booking and other third party reconciliations
  • Franchise Bill Reconciliations - Ensure your free nights are credited back in franchise report
"We save around $400-$500 more on reconciliations every month!!" - KK Soni, La Quinta Orem, Utah

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