Questions and Concerns
What is HelloGM?

HelloGM is a Data Analytics and automation Platform for hoteliers. With HelloGM, our end goal is to increase your profitability. Hotel profitability is impacted by 3 key items - 1. Revenue 2. Brand reputation and 3. Expenses. HelloGM is a single analytics platform to track all your multiple hotels' revenue, brand reputation (guest review sentiments) and expenses (P&L, Labor Analytics) at one place. 
How exactly?

When you have all your data at one place, you can easily co-relate the data and take decisions to improve on performance. You can also compare between hotels and industry benchmark to see where you need to improve. By regular reviews of different business functions and keep improving performance, you achieve higher profitability.
Who are you guys, anyway?

We are hoteliers, software engineers, big data analytics and data science specialists.
What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims? 

We are promising operations efficiency using data science. We have hoteliers and hotel management companies using it to improve Net Operating Income.
How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for? 

This solution is specifically for hoteliers and hospitality industry. HelloGM is used by Hotel Owners, GMs/AGMs as well as VP/CEOs of Hospitality Management companies to review performance of business functions and optimize. If you own or operate hotel, this software is for you. 
What happens if I wait?

You will probably make your own manual processes, go through trials and errors and life goes on. If you want to focus on growth, expedite things, we are here to help.
What are typical contract terms? 

There is no long term contract. If you don't like it, cancel it. This is monthly subscription service only.
What type of support do you offer? 

Where did you get the idea to offer this solution? 

We are hoteliers and we started solving our own problems through data science and want to extend the technologies and benefits to other hoteliers.
What results will I actually get from this? 

We will make it easier for you to review KPIs, make decisions that will lead to significant profits and improvements in your operational efficiency.
Is there any manual data entries needed?

No manual data entries needed.
Is there any manual data entries needed?

No manual data entries needed.
How exactly HelloGM is different than other software?

Most of the traditional hotel software in the market are accounting software. They do good job at keeping your hotel ledger organized, however HelloGM is the step further. It seamlessly integrates with systems beyond accounting to aggregate other contextual data, filters noise and then applies data science to generate actionable insights for the hotel team to help improve profits.
What Accounting software do you support for P&L Analytics?

Currently, we do support Quickbooks online and Quickbooks desktop. We will be adding support for other accounting software in coming months.
What is your company's mission?

Our mission is to empower hoteliers with data science and automation.
What is your company's vision?

Become a de facto data analytics platform for small businesses.

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